Embracing Our Evolutionary Moment – Collective Learning In a Time of Crisis

Thomas Hübl on the current pandemic situation. Together with Heidi Wohlhüter and Markus Hirzig he presents the new voluntary support project GLOBAL COLLECTIVE TRAUMA PREVENTION.
April 19, 2020

Global Social Witnessing and the Current Crisis

Otto Scharmer in Dialogue with Thomas Hübl
March 30, 2020

Honoring Our Fear, Finding Our Resilience in a Time of Crisis and Pandemic

Thomas Hübl
March 21, 2020

Note: due to technical difficulties with the broadcast, Thomas’ video is sometimes briefly replaced by a static image.

The Coronavirus Crisis: Remaining Related and Resilient

Thomas Hübl in Talk with Terry Patten
March 14, 2020


Thomas Hübl and Matthew Green on collective trauma in times of corona

Addressing our collective and individual traumas builds our capacity to respond to global crises with maturity and wisdom. In this conversation, journalist Matthew Green speaks with spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl about healing collective trauma and the importance of building resonance and relationships in the midst of global chaos.
Emerge: Talks & Discussions on
March 27, 2020

Menschsein in Zeiten der Corona-Krise

Thomas Hübl in dialogue with Thomas Steininger (in German), Radio Evolve Podcast
March 12, 2020


“Deepening Our Collective Roots” by Thomas Hübl

in: Tricyle – The Buddhist Review
March 13, 2020

Washing Hands The Buddhist magazine Tricycle asked several Buddhist and spiritual teachers for their practice recommendations for this time of crisis. Here is Thomas’ contribution. Read more

“Coronavirus – during this time, let us act with love” by Thomas Hübl

in: Thomas Hübl Blog
March 13, 2020

Heart and Roses We are living in a time where large cleaning processes show us the massive amount of collective fear that is arising. If we combine that understanding with presence, it’s an amazing moment for humanity to deepen our grounding and the connection to our embodiment. This time should be ruled by love, because especially in times of crisis it is all about giving. Read more