For health care professionals

(Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Therapists, Caregivers, People in Key Positions in Administration and Management of hospitals)

Guided free group support (up to 12 people, and larger groups up to 50) for health care professionals that are working at the frontlines of the pandemic. Trained facilitators offer inner processes support for relieving stress and fear and offer safe spaces for professionals to deal with the effects of the exposure to strongly heightened amounts of human suffering, trauma, and overwhelm.

Since we are at the beginning of a crisis we are in for a long run and not just a short sprint. Through mainly small group spaces we create a learning environment where individual processes and sharing contribute to the learning of the group.

We contribute process facilitation expertise to support health care professionals to do their very important work sustainably for a long time. The health care system is the global immune system and it needs to be strengthened in many ways. Experienced process facilitators from around the world contribute their work pro bono for this project.

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