Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a renowned teacher and international facilitator who has led online and in-person courses, as well as multi-day retreats with tens of thousands of people around the topics of collective trauma, personal development, relational competencies, and healing for the past 18 years. His gentle and highly perceptive approach to listening deeply to participants allows for a safe and compassionate environment that values openness and group listening. He incorporates mindfulness-based practices, including meditation, in his sessions.

Thomas has established working groups and partnerships with physicians, psychologists, and therapists from the U.S., Germany, Israel, Canada, and several other countries. These professionals have trained under his tutelage to overcome the stresses of their respective healthcare systems and professional lives by developing competencies to work through unconscious stress patterns. These competencies include transparent communication skills, mindfulness-based awareness practices, somatic processes and movement, and self-reflective and group process work.

He has facilitated large group processes around collective trauma with people from 40 countries and he has co-taught courses on mediation with William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation. In 2017, he founded the Pocket Project, a non-profit organization which works with healthcare providers and other professionals to heal collective and intergenerational trauma.

About the Global Collective Trauma Prevention Project

Our global aid project provides group spaces where we work on the principle of group presencing and individual integration. The We space becomes a safe environment for individuals to share their inner process and experience of the collective crisis that we are facing as a global pandemic. Since the Pocket Project is committed to collective trauma integration and prevention, we offer the expertise of the last 15 years of process facilitation around the world.

The principle is that through facilitated group spaces we can raise the group coherence and connection amongst each other which serves every individual in the group to share and potentially also integrate stress, fear and other important inner experiences regarding uncertainty and strong changes in our lives.

Thomas Huebl developed a strong group process work, a pendulum of group presence combined with deep individual work that has served tens of thousands of people worldwide to reach deeper awareness, integration, personal growth for individual as well as collective processes and trauma integration.

The Pocket Project as a non profit movement brings together people and facilitators from all around the world in order to provide free support for many people in our society as well as specifically for health care staff that might experience strong inner processes and disturbance in times of global massive change. We can ground those and return to a space of participation, creativity and innovation in order to be able to respond to the current needs much more efficiently. When trauma is triggered, we might experience heightened levels of stress, anxiety, panic, numbness and disconnect and separation. In order to stay in a connected inner place of response-ability we have to integrate the emotional stress and act from a place of inner presence.

Pocket Project

The Pocket Project for Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration is a visionary initiative founded in 2016 by Thomas Hübl and the Israeli artist, Yehudit Sasportas. The project’s mission is to halt the vicious cycle of recurring collective trauma, reducing its impact upon our global culture and our future generations. Through sharing the latest in crisis prevention research, best practices and insights for trauma work, the Project supports facilitators to manage groups in a healthy and sustainable way.

Academy of Inner Science

Founded in 2008 by Thomas Hübl, the Academy of Inner Science aims to connect the wisdom of the inner world with the knowledge of the outer world.

The Academy offers training modules, workshops, study groups, and facilitation training. These programs support individuals seeking a framework for their own personal development as well as the opportunity to cultivate a deeper transpersonal awareness and participate in collective evolutionary development.  

Training Programs

Timeless Wisdom Training is an intensive two-year program designed to integrate deep mystical practices with effective transformative tools, rewiring the body and emotional system to create a sustainable space for mystical consciousness. Through eight in-person retreats with Thomas, cohorts of students engage in a curriculum that moves through a three-part process of study: focusing first on the individual process and shadow work, then exploring the cultural dynamics that are embedded in the community, finally developing a transpersonal awareness using mystical practices and contemplative tools.

Advanced training groups provide leadership and assistance within the Thomas Hübl network. The Core Group forms a special community of practitioners who commit to deepening their practice and understanding of mystical principles through ongoing study with Thomas. The Innerscience Training Group is comprised of individuals who are established professionals in people-oriented occupations—such as psychologists, medical professionals, and coaches—who seek to deepen their experience within their profession.

Graduate Program

The Academy of Inner Science Graduate Program fosters a deeper dialogue and increased research of the inner sciences via collaborations with professors of five universities across the globe. Courses created and led by Thomas Hübl, such as Timeless Wisdom Training and the Pocket Project series for collective and intergenerational trauma integration, become core required credits for these doctoral programs.

Mobius Executive Leadership

Mobius is a premier leadership development firm offering immersive transformational leadership programs, executive coaching and team intervention services.  Mobius is comprised of a group of Senior Experts who are thought leaders in the fields of organizational development and leadership theory and a global network of practitioners including facilitators, mediators, coaches and expressive artists.  Mobius operates at the nexus of “best practice’ in adult development, interpersonal communication, team dynamics and systemic change and “next practice” such as meditation, movement, theatre, somatics, poetry, mythology and experiential learning.