+++ An Open Online Event with Thomas Hübl +++

Sunday, April 19, 2020
11:00am LA / 2:00pm NY / 8:00pm Berlin
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Join a world-wide community to explore what this challenging moment might reveal to us. Thomas and the Pocket Project team will also introduce this new initiative to offer online support for those affected by the global pandemic.


"Welcome! This is a space for free group support for anybody who wants to participate in a facilitated group to look at, presence, share and potentially integrate stress, fear and strong inner processes triggered by the current global crisis.

It is a warm and safe space for individuals to participate in a group learning process since we can be witnesses to each other’s inner process as well as provide listening and presence to each other. Since we share similar disturbances and issues everybody’s vulnerable sharing is a contribution to the collective learning. Trained facilitators will provide group guidance, share tools and offer ways to engage in an intelligent network of support."

Guided Group Spaces
for integrating fear, stress and important questions in a crisis time

The world is facing a global crisis that brings about a re-awakening of individual and collective trauma layers in the form of higher stress levels, fear, panic, detachment, numbness and isolation. We want to help prevent a dangerous downward spiral of rising collective fear and panic in society. Trauma often creates new trauma.

The Pocket Project is committed to the integration and healing of collective trauma as well as its prevention. Its founders Thomas Hübl and Yehudit Sasportas started the initiative based on voluntary engagement to support the society. In the current situation many of the Pocket Project team members, as well as closely affiliated therapists, coaches and facilitators will offer public support as well as support specifically for healthcare systems. The core team of this project studied Inner Science, Transparent Communication and Collective Trauma Integration in the Academy of Inner Science, founded by Thomas Hübl.

We offer free zoom calls for integrating heightened stress, fear, and important processes that arise from the massive changes in our lives. Some of these calls will have special topics (e.g. families, economic stress, dealing with isolation, etc.). We invite everyone who is willing to share and participate with an open heart to contribute and also to be a witness to other people’s processes.

"Sharing our inner vulnerabilities within a safe, trustworthy and professional group setting is a key element of a very powerful support for the individual, as well as the collective to cope with and integrate potentially traumatizing situations." Thomas Hübl

Support for Healthcare Staff → for Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Therapists, Caregivers, People in Key Positions in Administration and Management of hospitals

Schedule of Group Calls

In these calls, we invite people to share their inner process concerning the pandemic crisis and trained facilitators will support a mutual learning and integration of the individual and the whole group. We offer collective learning spaces through individual and group process facilitation. These group calls are meant to be coherence building spaces as a resource for collective trauma prevention.

Group sizes: 30-100 participants
Languages: German, English
Duration: 60 or 90 minutes
Platform: Zoom
Guided by 2 facilitators


We ask that you responsibly reserve a spot only if you are committed to attending the session.

* The time specifications are for CEST (Central European Summer Time), e.g. Berlin. You can use this Time Zone Converter to convert to another time zone: worldtimebuddy.com

Public Calls:
Calls for Healthcare Staff:
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25. May 2020 - 31. May 2020

May 25
2:00 PM –
3:00 PM
Mieke Jacobs
Paul Zonneveld
Connecting, digesting and integrating

Coming together for our mental, emotional and pysical health through a learning circle of deep and open presence

PublicFree Places: 30
booked: 20
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May 26
5:00 PM –
6:30 PM
Teddy Frank
Nancy Hyatt
Resiliency and Connection

Facilitated group session – support for integration inner processes, stress and anxiety related to the current pandemic crisis.

Healthcare StaffFree Places: 23
booked: 7
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May 26
10:00 PM –
11:00 PM
Samvedam Randles
Susan Belchamber
Regulating our worries and anxieties, especially around social and financial uncertainty.
PublicFree Places: 23
booked: 7
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May 27
7:00 PM –
8:30 PM
Bettina Rollow
Markus Hirzig
Sina Gruber
Harvesting the Corona Update
PublicFree Places: 30
booked: 20
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May 28
10:00 AM –
11:00 AM
Deepa Awal
Richard Cohen
Exploring where we are now in the process and how to move into the future.

This session will support facilitated group and individual reflection on what moving on means and looks like

PublicFree Places: 43
booked: 7
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May 29
8:00 PM –
9:30 PM
Gaby Stalter
Clara Perinchery
Ellen Schiess
Coming together as a Global Healthcare Communitiy
Healthcare StaffFree Places: 16
booked: 4
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Public Calls:
Calls for Healthcare Staff: