+++ An Open Online Event with Thomas Hübl +++

Sunday, April 19, 2020
11:00am LA / 2:00pm NY / 8:00pm Berlin
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Join a world-wide community to explore what this challenging moment might reveal to us. Thomas and the Pocket Project team will also introduce this new initiative to offer online support for those affected by the global pandemic.


"Over the last four months, we have supported hundreds of people who have joined our support sessions from around the world: Germany, Spain, US, Canada, India, and many others.  On these guided calls, we’ve practiced the foundational competencies of self- and co-regulation to help process fear, stress, agitation, isolation and overwhelm. As we come together in these spaces, we form pockets of “collective presencing,” which participants have expressed their gratitude for as they shared resources and engaged in deep listening with healthcare workers and others.

After this initial wave of the crisis which brought on a collective shock, the world is again changing. In addition to the concerns about the virus itself, we are feeling the economic aftermath and witnessing the severity of the deep cracks and fragmentation in our cultures. Many of these were have less visible when there were more balance mechanisms in place, but now, as crises continue to unfold, they are becoming more apparent. These cracks, manifesting as collective trauma, are in the form of political divides, violence and protests, and conspiracy theories.

In our Global Collective Trauma Prevention Initiative, we are now turning to exploring the collective learning and development that can evolve – and flourish --  during times of global challenges.

Through the practice of witnessing as we participate in a collective intelligence field, we can promote integration and innovation simultaneously. These are spaces where we can allow polarized voices and opinions to speak openly, providing us all an opportunity to dive deeper into the tension we are experiencing in our societies." Thomas Hübl, Founder of the Pocket Project and Academy of Inner Science


Guided Group Spaces
for integrating fear, stress and important questions in a crisis time

The world is facing a global crisis that brings about a re-awakening of individual and collective trauma layers in the form of higher stress levels, fear, panic, detachment, numbness and isolation. We want to help prevent a dangerous downward spiral of rising collective fear and panic in society. Trauma often creates new trauma.

The Pocket Project is committed to the integration and healing of collective trauma as well as its prevention. Its founders Thomas Hübl and Yehudit Sasportas started the initiative based on voluntary engagement to support the society. In the current situation many of the Pocket Project team members, as well as closely affiliated therapists, coaches and facilitators will offer public support as well as support specifically for healthcare systems. The core team of this project studied Inner Science, Transparent Communication and Collective Trauma Integration in the Academy of Inner Science, founded by Thomas Hübl.

We offer free zoom calls for integrating heightened stress, fear, and important processes that arise from the massive changes in our lives. Some of these calls will have special topics (e.g. families, economic stress, dealing with isolation, etc.). We invite everyone who is willing to share and participate with an open heart to contribute and also to be a witness to other people’s processes.

"Sharing our inner vulnerabilities within a safe, trustworthy and professional group setting is a key element of a very powerful support for the individual, as well as the collective to cope with and integrate potentially traumatizing situations." Thomas Hübl

From Collective Challenges to Collective Learning

– Self-regulation, Co-regulation, and Group Coherence –

When we build spaces for collective learning, we are inviting greater health and wellbeing into our lives. Relationships constitute the ecosystem in which we live, which is why it is critical to cultivate and invest in them. The Pocket Project is committed to supporting global health through integrating collective trauma and opening spaces for collective presence and learning. These are our essential practices for moving through the current crises in an innovative way.

We are now living through the aftermath of an unprecedented global trauma, the most impactful event on our generation since the last world war.

How are we dealing with a world that has changed? Do we want to return to our former lives, or do we want to use this moment to explore how we can develop new and more intelligent systems to structure our societies? How will our learning and reflections of the last months inform our vision for the future?

Understanding interdependence is critical right now. Hyper-individualism has no further sustenance, even though our societies are built on this premise. Now is the time to engage in collective learning while we are still absorbing the shock waves of these societal structures falling apart.

To attune ourselves and others to these changes and develop the building blocks to create the future, it is critical to practice and learn inner competencies. These are self-regulation (inner awareness practices), co-regulation (supportive relations) and creating healthy relational networks, and group coherence (supportive, intelligent networks).

Regulation depends on all three, and provides the foundational blueprint for engaging in co-creativity during challenging times. Collective learning is rooted in on our ability to co-create by tapping into higher insights. For us to stay related and creative when circumstances are challenging, we need to be fluid in these three competencies. This is now the focus of our Global Collective Trauma Prevention initiative sessions in the coming months.

Our sessions provide
● Spaces for self- and co-regulation
● Explorations of the current crises and what they mean for our lives as an invitation for change
● Discussions on how we can be culturally engaged, participatory, and creative
● Contemplation: What is the generosity that I can tap into within myself to help balance the scarcity manifesting in the world right now?

Support for Healthcare Staff → for Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Therapists, Caregivers, People in Key Positions in Administration and Management of hospitals

Schedule of Group Calls

In these calls, we invite people to share their inner process concerning the pandemic crisis and trained facilitators will support a mutual learning and integration of the individual and the whole group. We offer collective learning spaces through individual and group process facilitation. These group calls are meant to be coherence building spaces as a resource for collective trauma prevention.

Group sizes: 30-100 participants
Languages: German, English
Duration: 60 or 90 minutes
Platform: Zoom
Guided by 2 facilitators


We ask that you responsibly reserve a spot only if you are committed to attending the session.

* The time specifications are for CEST (Central European Summer Time), e.g. Berlin. You can use this Time Zone Converter to convert to another time zone: worldtimebuddy.com

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